Examples of how your donations help others in need in our area...


The Crawford Co. Coalition on Housing Need Inc.

The Crawford Co. Coalition on Housing Need Inc. provides housing services to the region’s homeless and near homeless. Their Liberty House Transitional Housing program provides a structured environment in which families with children address the issues that have them homeless.  They operate the only family oriented emergency shelter in the area. These efficie

ncy apartments allow homeless men, women and children to remain together as a family unit as they arrange for more permanent housing.  Their affordable housing program has 5 single family homes, five apartments and a 2 unit duplex. They make these available to qualifying income challenged families at affordable rental rates.  They also sponsor the Furniture Closet. Under the supervision of CHAPS workers, ARC clients are employed to collect and warehouse usable furniture donations, which are then made available to needing families through the Center for Family Services.  United Way helps to fund these desperately needed community services. Keeping the heat on and water running, providing blankets and kitchen utensils, paying wages to challenged workers, taking families off the streets, giving children a stable home; that is where your United Way donations go. For more information on “the Coalition”, call 814-337-4380.

Community Health Services, Inc., Medical Assistance Transportation Program

Meet Joe. Joe is retired – in fact he has been for years. But he still works nearly full time and he doesn’t receive a paycheck for this work. In fact, Joe works harder and longer than most younger people ever will in their lifetimes; and he loves every minute of it. He gets paid nothing but he wouldn’t trade his job for anything in the world. Joe is a volunteer driver for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program for Community Health Services, Inc. The Medical Assistance Transportation Program is available to give those people with no or low incomes rides to see a physician or receive other medically-related help. All approved trips are free of charge to the client. This service is especially helpful to elderly patients who cannot drive or who have no family or support system to assist them with transportation.

There are patients, however, who require services for which there is no funding or reimbursement due to qualifying criteria, and this is where United Way has always stepped in to fund that gap. Joe uses his own car and he makes trips as far away as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Hermitage, Erie, etc. There are people who rely on Joe literally for their lives since they require surgeries or procedures. Joe says, “I drive our clients because they have no family like I have. It makes me look at my own life with gratitude for what I have. We are all so fortunate and yet many of us don’t realize it. I hope we can always offer this service to those in need.”

One physician tells this story, “Imagine needing medical attention and being without a ride to the doctor and not being able to renew your driver’s license because you are 90 years old. That’s what happened to Ben, whose wife was the driver for the two of them, and then she passed away. Ben was prepared to walk to the pharmacy and the doctor’s office, because he didn’t know what else to do, until I told him about the Medical Assistance Transportation Program. Now a volunteer picks him up and takes him where he needs to go: the pharmacy, the doctor, and the dentist. And the program helps many others, not just seniors, who qualify and need transportation. Ben is my patient and I am grateful for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program of Community Health Services, and the United Way.”

During the last year the Community Health Services, Inc.’s Medical Assistance Transportation Program made 89,248 trips for 2,591 clients and volunteered 28,235 hours. For United Way alone there were 51 clients who made 281 trips and 291hours worked by our volunteers. Medical Assistance Transportation Program, (814) 333-7090 or (800) 210-6226.

Hospice of Crawfrod County, Inc  

Hospice of Crawford County, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to meeting the needs of the community with several options for end-of-life care. The goal of Hospice of Crawford County is to take care of the nursing and medical aspects of the patient’s care so that families can be families and savor the precious time they have left with their loved ones. Hospice of Crawford County, Inc. will see patients in their homes, in nursing homes, in the hospital, and now at the Marquette Hospice House. Hospice of Crawford County offers its patients and their loved ones three hospice care certified physicians; nurses; medical social workers; certified home health aides; pain management; spiritual care; and bereavement services. Hospice has served this community since 1984. In cases where a cure is no longer the goal, there is still much that can be done. No one can express this better than the families served by Hospice of Crawford County through the years.  

From one family, “When I think of Hospice of Crawford County, I think of the song by the group Alabama, ‘I Believe There Are Angels Among Us.’ When we had to have Hospice of Crawford County come, it wasn’t long before we felt like they were angels sent to help us through one of life’s hardest tasks.  My husband really looked for his ‘girls’ when he knew it was their day to come. On Hospice of Crawford County day, it was get up and put on a nice sweater. When it was just him and me, it was an old comfortable sweatshirt.”  And from a woman who lost a grandfather, “When my grandfather became so ill, Hospice of Crawford County took over his care. All necessary medical supplies and medications were taken care of by the wonderful staff, and my grandmother was given a much needed break each day. Again, Hospice of Crawford County took care of everything she needed, as well as my Grandpa. Now, Hospice of Crawford County is in my life helping with another loved one. I know that the road ahead is hard, I know it’s going to hurt to let go, but I also know that Hospice of Crawford County is here, and that has already made things a little easier to handle. Mom, Dad, my husband and I, as well as the rest of the family, will not be alone in this difficult walk. Thank you for your love and dedication. You are all truly a gift from God.”

From a son whose father passed away, “Words cannot express how deeply I feel about all of the care you gave to my father at the Marquette Hospice House. The rose from you I found at our door yesterday was so kind of you. You made my father’s last days on Earth wonderful days for him and our family. Being a pastor, I always find myself on the other end of things. To be on ‘this end’ made me appreciate all of you so much more. I can only imagine how difficult it is for you to provide this kind of care, but you will be greatly rewarded someday! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”

And finally, from another family who lost a mother, “Hospice of Crawford County gave dignity to a dying woman and healing to a hurting family. They shall forever hold a special place in our hearts for all they did for mom in her final days. This past year, hospice has kept in touch with dad every month and been to see him several times.  My mother’s death changed all of us in ways we would never have imagined. The love and care we received from Hospice of Crawford County has also changed us for the better. Dad and I now do volunteer work for our local Hospice of Crawford County programs.


Thank you to every person affiliated with the Hospice of Crawford County program. You are all God’s Special Angels in our hearts.”