Women United

The concept of Women United recognizes women as an emerging and powerful philanthropic voice.

At United Way, we recognize and applaud the talents of women.  By unleashing their strengths, we believe we can generate a positive force on our community and provide women with some of the most rewarding, challenging, and uplifting experiences of their lifetime.  With administrative support from United Way and through collaboration of community partnerships, this group of women will make a measurable impact in our community.  Participants are women of all ages, backgrounds and career paths who support the organization through their time, talent, and passion in a way that meets their philanthropic needs.

Our Mission Statement

Women United is a network of women who lead using their energy, talent, and passion to build a strong collective voice in local impact areas.

Who We Are

United Way of Western Crawford County’s Women United is a powerful network of compassionate women who don’t stand by.  We’re raising our voices, rolling up our sleeves and leaving our fingerprints on a legacy of change that benefits everyone.  It’s our nature to protect fervently and fight fiercely for the people and causes we care about.  We have an innate ability to communicate and get to the underlying issue.  And we have an undeniable determination to do something about it.

Members’ ages, backgrounds, professions and interests are diverse, yet the common denominator is a shared belief in the work of Women United and United Way, which believes when members stand up, unite and take action on issues that hit closest to home by Giving, Advocating and Volunteering, they give life to the community as a whole.

What We Do

The collective impact of United Way of Western Crawford County’s Women United can be reflected in the deepened bonds of its members and the success of its collaborative initiatives.

We are a network of women that:

  • Make-long-term commitments to financial stability, economic mobility, and education initiatives, which deliver measurable and sustainable change within our local community
  • Prioritize fundraising to support United Way impact areas and ensure scalable success
  • Cultivate a culture of empowering women including personal, professional, and philanthropic growth of our members and program recipients

We work to positively impact the lives in our community through the efforts of membership, philanthropy, and volunteering.

Membership – Connect, Engage, Grow

Members are afforded a variety of ways to connect throughout the year.  Some serve on committees, some participate in volunteer activities, or attend meetings and socials, while others take on lead planning roles.  We know everyone’s life schedule differs.  The amount of time you invest is up to you.

Connect – Expand your professional and community connections through participation in occasional social events, semi-annual meetings, community service projects and more.

Engage – Deepen your WU experience by joining one of our planning committees – membership, volunteer, philanthropy.  Meeting schedules may differ.

Grow – Share time, talent, and expertise by taking a more active role as a leader of a planning team or special event.  Women United Chairs take an active role in strategic planning, coordination of member activities, advocacy and recruitment.  Chairpersons also work with United Way of Western Crawford County (UWWCC) to uphold UWWCC standards and advocate on their behalf.

Volunteer – Mentor and Serve

Volunteer projects include short-term and on-going opportunities.  The volunteer committee plans and coordinates collaborative community outreach programs for member participation.

Mentor – collaborate with other community-based organizations to provide educational opportunities to inspire, build self-esteem, provide practical guidance, encourage building of leadership skills, etc.

Serve – Partner with community service agencies to volunteer as an extra set of hands for a variety of community projects.

Philanthropy – Fundraise, Invest, and More

Our affinity group helps us fundraise and leverage our donations to invest in our chosen impact programs throughout the year. Members participate and award grants as part of the United Way of Western Crawford County’s Community Investment Committee.


What’s In It For You

Invest in real solutions to positively impact local women and children

Participate in volunteer projects that make a difference in our community

Network with women who have a passion for the community

Join a global movement that drives community change locally